a lj community for the guam-bound

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Why should I join this community?
1) Because I want to be associated with other 'guamanians' who share my frustration with living on Guam.
2) Because I have no Live Journal friends, and I want to make some.
3) Because... (you can put your reason there)

What kind of community is this?
GuamSucksMeDry is an open community in which anyone can join even if you are not from Guam... but why would you freakin' want to do that? It's just open to anyone...

What are the benefits of joining this community?
There really are no benefit you damn smoocher... all you will get out of joining this community is that you'll supposedly make some lj friends.

Are there any rules?
Naturally rules are meant to be broken... So I won't make any. Just try not to step on anyone's toes when posting.

*this community is not dedicated to bashing the hell out of guam. sorry if you are offended.